how about all the jessica simpson collection product placement — both overt (the commercial with her on the boat) and embedded (all the "omg! jess is wearing high heels again!")? it just really undermined the whole "wow, we go too far to look beautiful" theme for me. » 3/16/10 12:31pm 3/16/10 12:31pm

Ben Silverman Is Bringing 'Saturday Night Live' To Thursdays

Wunderdouche Ben Silverman unveiled NBC's ambitious 65-week schedule to advertisers today in New York, covering this summer and all of next year with wall-to-wall Steve McPherson ass-kicking action. Included in the programming onslaught: a dreaded Office spin-off and four weeks of primetime Saturday Night Live, Variety » 4/02/08 5:25pm 4/02/08 5:25pm

Step Aside, Diablo, And Let Daniel Waters Show You What 'Different'…

It seems that Heathers writer Daniel Waters is shoring up his cult following in the wake of Diablo Cody, Brad Ingelsby and newly crowned "it" scribe Tollbooth Guy. In a Los Angeles Times profile hailing his return, Waters digs deep and delivers the johnny-come-latelies a clear message: just because you wrote Hudson… » 4/02/08 4:10pm 4/02/08 4:10pm

Duo Responsible For Vh1's Celebreality Franchise Get Rewarded With A…

It appears that Vh1 Celebreality masterminds 51 Minds Entertainment have ridden Flavor Flav all the way to the promised land. Variety reports that the reality television production company, led by Cris Abrego and Mark Cronin, has been purchased by Endemol USA (Big Brother, Deal Or No Deal) for $200 million plus.… » 4/02/08 2:00pm 4/02/08 2:00pm

Jay Leno Offers Audience His Most Apologetic Look

After comments about Ryan Phillippe's role as a gay teen on One Life to Live earned Jay Leno more attention than any picket line-crossing or old car-driving ever could, the late night host has issued an apology. In a statement released to People, Leno takes the classic "I'm sorry you misunderstood me" route, saying:
» 4/01/08 8:35pm 4/01/08 8:35pm

Coming To Theatres in 2015: Bill & Ted's Disappointing Career Trajectory

Keanu Reeves, who hasn't made moviegoers go "Whoa" since he chose the red pill 9 years ago, tells that a third Bill & Ted movie is still on the table. Revealing a heretofore unknown "decades" rule in Bill & Ted filmmaking, the actor said "The most serious we [Reeves and pal/co-star Alex Winter] ever got was a… » 4/01/08 6:45pm 4/01/08 6:45pm

Neil Patrick Harris Stares Down Doogie Howser Demons

Even without going to the stunt casting well, last night's How I Met Your Mother managed to rate. Take a gander at the throwback tag that reunited Neil Patrick Harris with the giant-cursored royal blue diary screen and plonky soundtrack that made him famous in the first place. After an episode in which Harris' Barney… » 4/01/08 6:20pm 4/01/08 6:20pm

John Cusack Rebuffs Fan's Attempts To Touch His Light, Heat

"Misunderstood" John Cusack fan Emily Leatherman was arrested Sunday outside the actor's home for violating the restraining order Cusack obtained in 2006 that stipulated she stay at least 500 feet away from him. Leatherman, who at the time explained that her actions were less about stalking Cusack and more about… » 4/01/08 2:55pm 4/01/08 2:55pm